Brand new bidet seats available soon!

When it comes to bidet seats Kyoma Clear distributes only the best. We work with some of the best bidet seat companies from Europe and Asia and retailers who know their products to deliver you the ultimate toilet experience. We are happy to announce today that the new 2018 bidet seat lineup from Kyoma will be available at a retailer near you this fall!

In this lineup we feature newly manufactured Toto C100, Toto C200 and Toto s350e toilet seats made by none other than Toto Ltd. from Japan. We also feature some new bidet seats from SmartBidet and Brondell. This lineup will be better than ever. We listened to your feedback and changed our lineup to include bidet seats we think our customers will appreciate. Not only do we think they are the best but recent bidet seat reviews by the experts have also mentioned them as the top models. So we encourage you to check out what’s in store this fall! You can find a dealer near you here.

The one bidet that we would especially like to mention is the SmartBidet SB-1000. When it comes to toilet seats SmartBidet doesn’t really get its named mentioned as many times as it should because it’s constantly overshadowed by other well-known brands such as Toto. But SmartBidet seats are really great underrated products. Especially the SB-1000. It has some brilliant advanced features like a remote control, automatic nozzle cleaning and energy saver. The best part is that it is in the $200-300 range, which only gets you a basic bidet seat with some of the more well-known brands. We didn’t have this product in stock last year, but this year you can find it in all the dealers that we work with. Just for some background information, the SmartBidet is a Korean brand and they make quality products. They are distributed by a company called Hitrons in North America so you will be able to see more of their products with us in the future and across the continent. We continuously strive to find better products for our customers as well as develop them in house so we hope you can come see the product for yourself and give us your feedback. Since the SmartBidet is such a cheap bidet, to the customers who told us they wanted something much more budget-friendly, be sure to check out this bidet in our retailers this fall!

In other news, Kyoma Clear is also working hard to secure some amazing products for our bathtub and water dispenser line up. There are some exciting technologies coming out. This season we will be focusing on bottleless water dispensers. This will get rid of the need to change the bottle every so often. The water dispensers work by attaching it to an existing water supply. They are able to keep water cool or heat water. Perfect for an office environment, client waiting areas, and other public settings.

That’s all the updates from us for now. We hope everyone’s having an amazing summer and we hope you will enjoy the rest of it. Until next time.